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Effective habits to make your life easier

You know life can be hard, right?
These 4 habits will make it a lot easier.

So let’s get started,

Grab a pen and a notebook. Set a time when you get to bed (This doesn’t mean you are going to sleep). Than lists things down that you want to do before going to sleep. Avoid screens and focus on getting in sleep mode. For example I like to read a book about things where I want to improve in ( just get in your near library and take some interesting books) . I also like taking a show , this makes my body go to sleep mode.  The same concept for the morning.
This ensures that the important things get done. And also gives you your well needed 8 hour sleep.

I start the day by asking me 5 questions. And each day I learn from them.
1) What did I learn from yesterday?
2) What is your goal for today?
3) Do I like where I am?
4) Where do I want to be?
5) What can I do today to get closer?
Grab your phone and type them into your notes. Then copy and paste them everyday in a new note. Start answering them. It will give you an overview of your life. And you will learn from your mistakes.

Just pick a friend, a family member or even a stranger. Say something nice like: “What a great dog” or “Hey, I like your eyes”.
In the beginning it seems a bit strange. But it is worth it. It makes you smile.
There reactions are priceless.

It makes everything looks clean. Your head isn’t such a mess anymore. It is efficient to give everything a place so you don’t have to look for it.
Just start by grabbing your clothes from your chair or from the floor. Fold your clothes. Than divided them in two groups : 1) Getting back in your closet, 2) Getting in your washing-machine. You can do the same with your books and other stuff. 1) Getting back in your storage or 2) Give it a good spot.
This will make your life some much easier. 
Do you want to know the benefits of an organized room? see [5 Health Benefits Of Being Organized]

Having these habits is going to get things done, give you an overview, make you smile and organize
your life. 

We become what we repeatedly do.

Ingmar Heikens,
14/9 2017.


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