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7 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Note-Taking Game

When I was in middle school I didn’t took a lot of notes, even when the teacher said me so :0. I thought they weren’t relevant to my study-sessions. However, they are really important. It is the way to speed ups your learning and remembering. It is THE key to success for learning. So, today you are going to step up your notes to a whole new level!

How you can create amazing notes,

1,  Use bullet points or numbered points. This will give you a better overview over your notes. And it is easier to find something you wrote down.

2,  Use different colors. If you have colored pens use them, this way you will distinguish the words better between the raw text. You can do this for definitions, formulas and important words ect. Also you can highlight but I don’t recommend it for notes which you are going to study because you won’t recall the information in that way.

3,  Don’t write everything down. You just can’t keep up when someone is talking to you to write everything down. Also it look messy and unorganized that way.

4,  During classes, try to understanding and write only key words. You need to understand first and than try to recall. In that order you will be more productive while studying :)

5, Use visualized charts. Charts will give you an overview of your notes. Also it is really handy for learning later on. Because you will understand it better.

6, Write notes after class. During classes you need to focus on the talk. After class you can recall the information. Than you can write your notes in more details. This way you will learn a lot more. And have more time to write amazing notes.

7, Keep it simple. Use only keywords and write it down in simple words. It will look way cleaner and it is easier for you to understand. Less is better ;)

Furthermore , pay special attention to:
1, Terms and definitions
2, Examples, which later on are problems for you on a test
3, Summaries and Conclusions 

I take notes like some people take drugs....

That's it, now you can create more and even better notes ;) Let me know if you have other good tips down below!

Ingmar Heikens


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