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Live in the moment

During my life, most of the time I noticed awareness just slipped away like sand. I couldn’t get grip on it. And I wanted to live in the moment, for ever. Every time I tried to just focus on it. But I noticed it didn’t work, so I tried a lot of methods. As a result, I found that 6 of those acts were really good. So today, I am going to share 6 tips which are going to give you more joy in live. Because when you live in the moment, there is no-one stopping you ;)

These acts which will help you live in the moment,

1, Breath. Just breath. Focus on your breath. Close your eyes, or not, it is up to you. Feel the air flow through your throat getting in your lungs. Feel it, giving you the energy you need. In the long run the energy will give you a boost which will result in your mind living in the moment.

2, Stop over-thinking about it. Although it is a hard method. When you get hold on this one, it will improve your awareness. Because of the fact that thinking to much about it is bad, you will get stressed out and will not be aware. It happens a lot because when you want it so badly you will start over-thinking. So, In conclusion taking a break of living in the moment will just help you get better in living in this awesome moment :)

3, Don’t worry about the past and future. Only focus on now. Because you just can’t do anything about the past and mostly of the future. Focus on what is happening now. Don’t get stuck in the thoughts from yesterday or what is going to happen a week from now. As Jay Asher said;

You can't go back to how things were. How you thought they were. All you really have

To sum up, don’t focus on anything except now.

4, Change a routine. When I said, change a routine, I mean changing it like walking a different way home. Or instead of reading only fiction books try a non-fiction. Therefore it will give your mind a kind of shocking effect and will be more alert to the habit. All in all, if you slightly change a habit, your brain will be more active during that routine.

5, Start with mindfulness. If you begin with meditation you will experience not a lot of results but in the long run you will see amazing results. For example it will let you be more aware of the now and be more careful with your thoughts. If you want to know more about meditation, I have made a blog about it earlier :)

6, Do one thing at a time. Don’t multitask. Concentrating on one subject will help you be more careful and more aware. As a result you will be living more in the moment. Also it will keep you away from your smartphone or computer. You will be more productive. And do more in a session. Altogether you will benefit a lot through paying attention on one thing at a time.

After all, these tips are very useful if you just apply them to your life. Set a time, and breath. Go out and start meditation or perhaps you just stop thinking about it. Whatever you prefer. Because you know what is the best for you :)

Ingmar Heikens


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