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How observation improves yourself

Last week I talked with a good friend of mine about observation. How we could learn from others, just by observing them. I was really interested in this subject. And did some research and there is a lot about observation out there, on the internet. Mainly, I like the idea of observing because you learn a lot about others. Because body language is universal and the same applies to facial expressions. Besides, the body language, there is also a lot to learn about leaders. How they become successful and how we can learn from them by observation. Therefore, today we are going to discuss observation.

What is observation

Firstly, let’s talk about the basics; What is observation and what not. Observation is accurate description of what is accuring. Based on objective observation. Such as, a baby smiles, a mother which turns to the baby touches her cheek. Notice these things accuring but don’t judge it. So don’t base your observation on subjective detection. For example, a baby wants attention. The mother gives her attention but is bored. Don’t notice these things; motivation and people’s intentions for doing certain things. Because we need the facts in order to see what is really happening and to understand it.

Why you should observe others

To understand others you’ll have to learn to observe. Because if you can observe others you can learn valuable things about them. It will also help you see the bigger picture. Because noticing behavior let’s you see how they are feeling, and not only what they are saying they feel like.
Observation is a curial skill for leaders. Because when the leaders observe their team or workgroup they learn about each individual. And the leader will learn to see how he/she can improve the productivity and efficiency. Despite that, the leader will notice little details and can lead in a more efficient way.
Also, observing your hero’s will lead to see the skills they use, which you can also use to build a better life. Watch videos or read some (auto)biographies about your inspiration. So, you will learn the shortcuts to succes by noticing the skills they use.
Lastly, it will lead to understanding relationships better. Because you will learn more about that certain person. All in all, observing people will certainly lead to a strong amount of insides of others lives and will help you develop yourself.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor observation people

How to observe others

1. Slow down.
You are not in a rush while observing. Try to take the time for it. You will not develop observating is just a week or so.

2. Talk less, Listen more.
Listening more, helps you develop being a more observant person. Because listening is the key to observing others.

3. Observe while no one is watching.
For example, observe speeches on youtube. Or watch only when you know nobody is watching. Because otherwise you will look like a total weirdo.

4. Focus on body language and facial expressions.
As I said before body language is universal. And usually says more than what somebody is speaking. Because people are usually not that good in hiding body language. Therefore, you will get to know a person better by body language and facial expressions.

5. Don’t look too long at one person.
You will look really weird when somebody catches you. And don’t be a stalker. Observing is something different. It is trying to understand others behavior and learn from those behaviors.

One last tip: Learn from your mistakes while observing others. Because only then you will become better and better in it.

Sometime you have to sit back… watch… and observe. People will show you who they are without you saying a word

That’s all for today. Let me know what you think about observing others behavior.  
 Do not forget to take it not too serious, because life just isn’t :)

Ingmar Heikens


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