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The foundation of life

For me life isn’t clear at all. I’d love that it is clear. But in order to get a clear beautiful life. You first need to see on what you are building on, the foundation of life. In other words to get clarity you don’t need to see where you are going, although most people think that. For example, while I thought I was heading towards succes. I noticed I needed a routine were I could build on. You see, heading towards a goal without a foundation has no use. So, that’s why today I am going to talk about habits.

Habits; the foundation

Habits create a foundation where you can build your passion, dreams and goals on. Having structured routines will give you certainty and will give you more meaning. Because we are our rituals as Tony Robbins once said. For instance, after doing meditation for quite some time I noticed I became calmer, peacefuller and less stressed out. You can do this too. Habits are the only certainty we have in this life, really. Because life is just too complicated. Moreover, with the foundation you can become everything you have ever dreamed of. Yes, of course it requires effort and time. But if you have the dream of becoming your ideal self, you can do this. One simple rule is all what it takes; do not quit. Also, choose your habits with your wisdom. Because they create your future.

Routine I’d recommend to everyone:
1) Meditation
2) Reading
3) Asking yourself: ‘What have I learned today?’ or ‘ What good shall I do today’ (what Benjamin Franklin asked himself each day)
4) Writing in a journal

Breaking the bad habits

To build a clean foundation of your life you will have to quit your bad habits. Quitting bad habits such as social media or watching a lot of television is hard. But you are able to do it. And the first step to quit is changing your environment. For example, if I don’t want to eat a certain food any more. I will have to trow that certain food out of my house. So, I don’t have the habit clue anymore that will lead me to eat that certain food. And that will let me quit eating that certain food. In that order you can quit your own bad habits. If you want to quit social media, deleted it. If you want to quit television, throw your television out of your room. Make yourself a healthy environment where you can build your dreams. So, you can follow your dreams. Because you can become everything you want. You will have to keep learning and working. You will have to study till you sleep. Work until the sun rises. But if you do this, you can accomplish anything. And right now there are certain people who do this. They get up and work their selfs up to their dreams. They fight until they make it. If you want to manifest anything in life, you will have to push yourself to the boundaries and after that push yourself ever further. “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” - Martin Luther King Jr. You will create your dreams in your own reality. 

Motivation is whats get you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

All in all, I believe can create stunning habits. So, you can follow your vision. And you will get to break all bad habits, you of course it takes time and effort. But you can do this. Let me know down below what habits you have developed.

Ingmar Heikens


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