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6 Ways to Step Up Your Happiness Game

Time for time, I realize that my mind is making my life busy. By thinking that I am too busy and have to many things to do. And earlier in my teenage years, it sometimes just got me. I would spent days figuring out why I was feeling so busy. After a while, I realized that when I took a moment for myself, out of nowhere I felt inner peace. I was happy. But after a while the routine got me again. This routine got me a halve year long. After that halve year, I have learned how to take care of my busy mind. And find the happiness within me. Therefore, I want to share seven ways how you can become happier.

1. Start Mindfulness
Starting mindfulness is the begin of happiness. It let’s you be more aware of reality. It shows you that you are awesome! That you can become everything you have ever dreamed of. You can simply start by meditation for 5 minutes each day. Or start reading some mindfulness books. I recommend reading ‘things you only see when you slow down’ by Haemin. That will give you a good first impression of mindfulness. Mindfulness seems so unnecessary by society but they are wrong. It is the habit which will lead to happiness.

2. Exercise Regularly

Staying in shape takes time. So, exercise regularly. This will not only help you to increase your happiness. But will also develop a healthy life for you. So, you will become over 80 years old easily. Do whatever you prefer. I mainly like running, playing soccer and going to the gym. But you can do it the other way around. Feeling one with your body is helping you to develop a happiness which will last forever ;)

3. Make Time for Yourself in the Morning and Evening

With making time for yourself, I mean sitting down and think about your day. Make a to do list or a schedule or both. And focus on what you want to accomplish that day. With the clarity of your day you will be way more efficient. And also you will have a vision. So, your mind doesn’t get lost in the ideas it has about the day.

4. Be Grateful Everyday
Everyday, I start my day with being grateful. Simply, taking a moment to be thankful for waking up or someone or something. It is the way to increase my happiness. And start the day off well. Your mindset in the beginning of the day will determine the rest of your day. So, start of with a smile and being grateful for the day.

5. Eat Healthy
While exercising is one way to feel good in your body. Eating healthy is the way to keep that healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food increase your happiness . In a study with 12.000 people out Australia, researchers showed that people who eat more fruit and healthy food had more life satisfaction. So, you also will see that your life satisfaction will easily increase after eating healthier.

6. Hang Out with Friends
Friends makes us happy in some different ways. First of all happiness is contagious. So, when one of your friends is happy. You are likely to be happy too. A Harvard study showed this phenomenon; having a friend will improve your happiness by 15 procent. Although, when one of your friends is unhappy that lowers your change of happiness by 7 procent. Interesting! Also, friends cut the small talk. And that makes us increase in happiness. Because meaningful talk is improving our happiness. Lastly, a Sweden study on happiness showed that having friends in stressed times will helps us life longer and happier!

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

So, that’s it for today. Subscribe if you haven’t. Share this blog with your friends. And I will see you next time!
Remember; Live everyday as if it were your last

Ingmar Heikens

P.S Quote from Omar Khayyam


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