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The power of meditation

I became a happier, better and relaxed teenager after meditating for two months. It was so simple, unbelievable. In the beginning I struggled with my thoughts. However, after a while I could just enjoy the silence. Today, I will tell you how and why you should start meditating. So you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Why you should consider starting meditating ,

1) You will be more happier and less stressed. The experience of meditation gives you the feeling of being your best self. Your happiest and relaxed self.

2) You willl be more aware of things that happen around you. Because meditation trains your brain to be aware and focus on what is happening around it, you’ll be more aware. Therefore you will enjoy the little things in life more and more. Enjoy the silence.

3) You will improve your focus and you will be more productive. Meditation will let you sit still and concentrate on one thing, being aware. One study (1) shows by meditation for only about 10 minutes each day yo…

The importance of reading

Today we are going to discuss the importance of reading. Reading has been in our lives since the middle ages but it faded away in the begining of this century. Mainly under teenagers it isn't popular anymore. Therefore I wanted you to show the importance of reading. Because a lot of people don't see the use in books nowadays. So let's get started,
Reading has a lot of benefits to the mind. The first benefit is that the mind needs the practice of reading to sense the words it sees. It develops the ability to connect the words to images in the head. So how more you read how faster and better you will read. And it will give you a bigger arsenal of vocabulary. Further reading create the ability to focus better and really listen to people in general. Because you train your brain to concentrate on one thing at a time. It also improves your memory because when we read, we are using our memory muscle. Joseph ones used a great metaphor, which explains it all;
Reading is to the m…

How to study more efficient

First of all you need to accept, that you are not studying for grades. You study to get a better understanding about life. Because after all, don’t we want to know what is behind all the facts?
Many people see studying as a painful experience. But it is not,you can make it so nice as you want it to be. Take your warm cup of chocolate to you’re couch, open you’re book and you are ready. The key for studying more efficient is to enjoy it. Convince yourself because after each studying session you will get a clearer view of life. And when studying remember why you are studying. You want to know and understand life. Even after finishing your studying, pick a book from a subject you’re interested in. I keep a list of subject that fascinated me. You can do this to, just grab a pen and write down about fifteen subjects you like or even more. You’ll wander off your subjects and see the beauty behind it all.
Take as much time as you need. Make a schedule or set a time for studying. For exampl…

Effective habits to make your life easier

You know life can be hard, right? These 4 habits will make it a lot easier.
So let’s get started,
1. START A MORNING and EVENING ROUTINE. Grab a pen and a notebook. Set a time when you get to bed (This doesn’t mean you are going to sleep).Than lists things down that you want to do before going to sleep. Avoid screens and focus on getting in sleep mode. For example I like to read a book about things where I want to improve in ( just get in your near library and take some interesting books) . I also like taking a show , this makes my body go to sleep mode.The same concept for the morning. This ensures that the important things get done. And also gives you your well needed 8 hour sleep.
2. ASK YOURSELF DAILY QUESTIONS I start the day by asking me 5 questions. And each day I learn from them. 1) What did I learn from yesterday? 2) What is your goal for today? 3) Do I like where I am? 4) Where do I want to be? 5) What can I do today to get closer? Grab your phone and type them into your…