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4 Valuable eye-opening tips for a better social life

In the beginning of middle school, I wasn’t really social and I didn’t have many friends. But after a while I learned to be more social and got better friends. As a result I learned which people I didn’t want to hang around and which I really wanted to hang around. Therefore today we are going to discuss valuable ways to win friends. With the credits for the book “How to win and influence friends” which I really recommend.

Let's begin,

1, Smile. Most people underestimate smiling, but it is one of the most important skills to use to make a great first impression. It doesn’t matter if you have fancy clothes on, because all it is about is the smile on your face. Since I know that smiling is a great thing to use. I became happier because of smiling that often. The importance of smiling is so important to making new friends :)

 Don’t criticize them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances.

2, Don’t criticize.
As Lincoln explained. I think it is true, that we can’t judge them because we would think/do the same in the same situations. And this is one of the things I really struggled with and I still am struggling sometimes. When I don’t agree with someone, I make sure I understand their opinion. Because if I understand them I will learn to accept it. So don’t criticize on people, we would do /think the same.

3, Show respect. If you want to get respect from someone, show your own respect first. They will see that you are really a good person. Because showing respect has a way of speaking good about them. In fact nearly all the great leaders have a standard of showing dignity to others because it will let the other see that they are friends with them. Appreciation is showing that you are willing to be friends and if you are friends that you willing to built a valuable friendship. That is why respect should be an essential thing in everyone’s life.

4, Talk about them. Be interested in their hobbies and things they do. It will make them feel important as a result they will show more interest in you. Ask questions and pay attention. Show that you care about them and be open for all the topics. Be curious about their lives.

These tips you will have to practice in real life and get better in every time. And you will see the results and have better and new friendships. So go out, Meet new people. Share your story and be curious about theirs. Because everybody is so damn beautiful ;)

Ingmar Heikens


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