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Let’s Talk about Love

Today we are going to talk about love. Love is for me one of the hardest thing although it is one of the most fascinating feelings of life. And I admit, I truly still have a lot of awful work to do in my love life. But why not start today with you on my side. And let’s discover the beauties of love. However also the frightful things about love. Because love is a section in your life which will influence your mindset. And with your mindset you can change your world.

The foundation of love starts within yourself.
Love yourself. Accept yourself. Enjoy yourself first before starting loving others. A girl or boy shouldn’t make you as a whole. You should be a whole by yourself. Because only then you can give as much love to lover. You have your life, and your lover her/his life. No worries if you haven’t got a Romeo or Julia. You can fully focus on developing yourself first. But if you have the change go out meet others. And get to know the dating game. And master it.

Love hurts as hell. Even when you have perfect relationship there’s no way having no painful arguments with each other. In ours life’s love is going with ups and downs. The downs are horrible, you will it regret most of the time. The mistakes you made, or the other way around. You will have to live with it. If you made mistakes learn from them. So, you don’t make them the second time. When it happens again you know you are heading the wrong direction. Try to accept the fact that no one has control over their emotions, such as love. Whenever you are having a tough time giving love. Remember, that love feeling can change. For example,I discovered that my butterflies turned into loving more by my heart. I thought those without those butterflies I didn’t love her anymore. As it turned out I still did. So, as a result I broke up. Which I regret but I learned a life lesson from. Therefore, it really isn’t about the missteps you make. It is about the opportunities you create within your love :)

Surrender yourself. Surrender your self to love. Take the step to let go and fall in love. The moment you take a step, it is an act of faith. See, you give you self up. You surrender. And love is an act of surrender. It is quite weird because all sensible people try to get thing in control. What really is sensible is to let go, is to commit oneself and to give oneself up. Therefore , we come to this strange conclusion that in madness lies sanity. So, surrender to love.

Reason lost the battle, and all I could do was surrender and accept I was in love.

There is no other way to learn about love than experiencing it.  So, I hope you will experience a lot of love giving and getting. These were thing to keep in mind while giving and experiencing love. To learn more about socializing see this blog post. Remember you are so beautiful ;)

Ingmar Heikens


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